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Informal way of introduction

Dad and Mom use to force me to dance classes. It was a scary first experience. Nevertheless i am glad they did. Been dancing ever since i was four and if they did not do what they did for me i wouldn't be able to do what i love most today. Auditioned for the first time in 2004 and failed miserably, i kept on trying until i got through. Jalan Impian was my first musical, under the guidance of Farah Sulaiman, Sabrina Hassan and Sandra Sodhy. I continued to perform where ever i could, from school, tv programs and even in my own room. ^_^

I had the opportunity to perform in another musical, Dansing Thru Broadway(2008) with the guidance of Farah Sulaiman and Sabrina Hassan. It was a success that we had a second run in 2009. I also had the oppurtunity to be in the follow up production Sparks of Broadway (2010). 

All of this wouldn't have been possible if my parents never "forced" me for dance classes


Kreshenka Jaisi is a headstrong young woman who loves the arts and has ever since she could walk. Kreshenka danced Bhartanatyam at the tender age of 4 and studied under the infamous Ramli Ibrahim and Chandra Mohan.

With that, she fell in love with the stage and lights and was active all round. She was part of her high school's Malay Dance team for over 3 years. She continued to expand her experience by auditioning and soon joining Jalan impian under the mentors of Sandra Sodhey, Sabrina Hassan and Farah Sulaiman.

Kreshenka has had the opportunity to be part of the musical production DanSing Thru Broadway in 2008 and because it was a great hit, DanSing Thru Broadway continued in 2009.

Currently she is undertaking her Diploma In Mass Communication, Majoring in Public Relations. With that, she is very active in her college life, as the Vice Chairman of the Student Welfare Committee, aiding to help in the welfare of the students.

She also enjoys partaking in events. So far, she has been given the opportunity to be the Director of Publicity and Publication of the very successful event UNPULLGED IV. At the moment she is brainstorming as a Program Designer of the college's upcoming event.

And she loves her "KIDS" very much..

and loves her "POLE DANCING" Monkey Swinging Bitches very much too!!!